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Actually, I have met people who said they didn’t like massages. There are individuals out there who don’t like to be touched – period.

For the others out there with this opinion, it’s usually due to a bad experience with a massage therapist (the therapist either hurt them or did not focus on the areas that needed help).

In my career, I’ve managed to change the minds of these massage naysayers. How? Simply by listening to their needs.

It’s an honor when someone gives me a chance (I understand the vulnerability and concerns) when they’ve been unhappy with massage therapy in the past.

And it’s a wonderful, heartwarming victory when they tell me they feel better and reschedule.

If you follow my page, I’m assuming you love massage. But if you have some skeptical loved ones, send them my way. I just might be the one who can change their minds and help them live with less pain in their life.

Crystal Van Denabeele, LMT
RevitaTouch Therapeutic Massage