The Magic of Listening.

Actually, I have met people who said they didn’t like massages. There are individuals out there who don’t like to be touched - period. For the others out there with this opinion, it’s usually due to a bad experience with a massage therapist (the therapist either hurt them or did not focus [...]

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Chair Massage For The Office

Nothing makes me happier than making someone’s day a little bit brighter (just one of the many blessings in this profession) and I got to do just that while giving chair massages to the wonderful staff at Cintas in Ft. Myers. Today I teamed up with the two lovely ladies from No [...]

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Sciatic Pain and Massage Therapy

The sciatic nerve can be a real pain in the butt...literally!  Sciatic pain is one of the most common ailments that I help alleviate on a daily basis. Sciatic pain is usually described as a sharp, weak or tingling pain in the buttock region that can radiate all the way down to [...]

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