Home Massage Pricing

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Home Massage Pricing

It’s all about your comfort, relaxation, and revitalizing your body. That’s why each massage session is designed specifically for you. The length of session, areas of focus, and amount of pressure are all done so based on your preference. Longer sessions allow Crystal to give complete healing experience, allowing time to focus on trouble areas such as the back, neck and shoulders. Most massage regimen require follow-up sessions to provide the maximum benefit to your body. Based on your therapeutic needs, Crystal may suggest regular visits to provide long-term relief for chronic issues.

Listed below are massage prices along with the various types of sessions that are offered for the Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Sanibel Island areas.

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Home and Office Massage Fort Myers pricing

Pricing Options

One Hour Home Massage

  • This 60-minute custom-designed massage session addresses specific areas of complaint.The perfect opportunity to relax and heal.

90 Minute Home Massage

  • Crystal’s most popular session, this 90-minute session allows ample time to address specific treatment areas for total body rejuvenation.